What’s Included

In Our “Student Loan Modification” E-Book

  • How to obtain Student Loan Forgiveness
  • How to place your Student Loans on hold
  • How to apply and place your loans in Forbearance
  • How to qualify for income based Forgiveness
  • How to get Public Service/Nursing Forgiveness
  • How to deal with the truth about Parent Plus Loans
  • How to save money by consolidating your Student Loans

In Our “Student Loan Options” E-Book

  • What you need to know before applying for Student Loans
  • Options to see if Student Loans are really worth it
  • Explore all your options with every available option to you
  • What is the best decision for me as the Student?
  • What every parent should know about Student Loans
  • Federal Student Loan vs. Private Student Loan
  • Student income & expense worksheet to prepare a budget
  • Everything you will need to know before getting in student loan debt to help you make educated right choices.

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